Associate Professor of Surgery Endocrine and Breast Oncology Surgeon Co-Director, 4JPP, Medical/Surgical Oncology Inpatient Unit Co-Leader of Endocrine MOG Associate Professor of Surgery - Surgical Oncology and Endocrine Surgery
Primary Office: 4641 JCP
Iowa City, IA 52242


BS, Summa cum Laude, McMaster University
MD, Honors, University of Toronto
MSc, University of Toronto and The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Residency, General Surgery, University of Toronto
Fellowship, Endocrine Surgical Oncology, Mt. Zion Medical Center, University of California, San Francisco

Licensure and Certifications

Iowa Medical License, Iowa Board of Medical Examiners 
Board Certified, General Surgery, American Board of Surgery 
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Research Summary

Geeta Lal Surgical Oncology Laboratory-

Selected Publications

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Lal G, Groff  M, Howe  J, Weigel  , Sugg  S, Lynch  C.  Risk of second primary thyroid cancer following another malignancy: Trends in a population-based study.  Ann Surg Oncol .  2012 January. 

Lal G, Spanheimer  P, Sugg  S, Howe  J, Weigel  R.  Surveillance and intervention following thyroid lobectomy.  Ann Surg Oncol .  2011 June. 18(6):1729-33. 

Lal G, Fang  S.  Parathyroid cancer.  Endocr Pract.  2011 April. 1:36-43. 

Lal G, Weigel  R, Kirby  P, Miron  , Royer  N.  Incidental finding of Composite pheochromocytoma-ganglioneuroma: Successful management after emergent appendectomy and review of the literature..  World Journal of Endocrine surgery .  2011. 3(1):34-44. 

Lal G, Clark  O.  Management of Differentiated Thyroid cancers – Updated guidelines from the American Thyroid Association.  2010 December. 

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Lal G, Weigel  , Fang  S, Guidroz  J, O’Malley  , Sugg  , Howe  J.  Expansion of a cell population expressing Stem cell markers in parathyroid glands from patients with Hyperparathyroidism.  Ann Surg.  2010 January. 251(1):107-13. 

Lal G, Nowell  A, Liao  J, Sugg  , Weigel  R, Howe  J.  Determinants of survival in patients with calciphylaxis – a multivariate analysis.  Surgery.  2009 December. 146(6):1028-34. 

Lal G, Hashimi  , Smith  B, Zhang  L, Lynch  , Robinson  R, Weigel  .  Extracellular Matrix 1 (ECM1) expression is a novel prognostic marker for poor long-term survival in breast cancer – a hospital-based cohort study in Iowa.  Ann Surg Oncol ;  2009.